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The purchase of an RV can be a big investment for most people. Whether you plan on weekend camping, a few trips a year or full-time RVing, you owe it to yourself to know ahead of time what the condition is of the RV you may be spending your money on…regardless if it is $3,000 or $300,000!

Would you purchase a home or even a car without having it inspected by a professional? Probably not. An RV is actually BOTH…a home ON wheels! For an RV purchase of ANY size, type or price, consideration should be made for the same type of pre-purchase or at least, a post-purchase evaluation.

Recreational vehicles, whether a travel trailer, fifth wheel or a motorhome of any class, are fairly complex and are subject to high stresses just driving down the road. Imagine, if you will, an earthquake on wheels!
Wise RV shoppers would consider an RV inspection by personnel trained and certified to do just that before paying hard earned money for a RV, used or new!


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    1. Services include up to 50 miles of round-trip travel and travel beyond that may incur additional charges.”
    2. Inspections are scheduled during the work week, but appointments are available on weekends

Address: Post Office Box 506, Bath, OH 44210

Phone: 330.898.0472 and 330.727.5000