New RV?

Getting an RV is like getting a home inspection

Buying a New RV?

Getting an inspection on an RV is as important as getting one on a new home!

There are many very honest and reputable private sellers and RV dealers out there; but, even some of the most honest sellers could be unaware of potential issues. Some sellers may be forthcoming with any known issues and have the RV priced accordingly, with disclosures. Some may not want to deal with issues, known or unknown, and sell the unit “as-is”. This means that as soon as you sign on the line and hand over your hard earned dollars, any problems are now YOURS! This could be a very costly and potentially dangerous situation if the RV is purchased without a proper inspection.

Did you know that to replace an RV air conditioner can cost around $1200 or more? A water heater, around $800. Water damage repair – THOUSANDS! Today’s labor rates can run as high as $160 an hour at many RV service centers! Delays getting service appointments or parts can take weeks! Depending on the type of failure, the cost to rebuild the diesel engine on some of the Class A motorhomes can be in the area of $15,000 to $30,000. All this is not only costly, but time consuming as well!

Make sure you know what you may be spending your money on. You can use this professional, comprehensive, detailed and independent inspection report as a powerful negotiating tool to your benefit, should there be any issues discovered. Or, the report can be used to walk away from the deal entirely! You may be grateful that a disaster with a potential money pit was avoided. Lastly, the report can offer “peace of mind” knowing that everything is as it should be!


Get an Inspection Today!

 Don’t put you and your loved ones safety, well being and enjoyment at risk by taking the sellers word that everything is A-OK. Have TRIFECTA RV INSPECTIONS verify the RV for you.


On motorized RVs, fluid samples can be taken from the engine, transmission and cooling system and can show if there has been excessive wear, fluid contamination and excessive heating of interior components, among other issues. Samples are taken from the RV and sent to an independent lab for analysis. This can also be done for an on-board generator and tow vehicle. (This analysis and reports will typically take a few extra days to complete and receive the reports from the lab).
This service is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on any RV with a motor and/or generator.

Some RVs on dealers’ lots are technically “new”, but may have sat on that lot for quite a long time. Long enough at times, to require it to be properly re-evaluated. More and more, we are being asked to perform pre-purchase inspections on new RVs before delivery is accepted by the buyer. Even on new units, issues are typically found; sometimes serious issues!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have any discovered issues repaired BEFORE you take delivery of a new unit?